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Pre-2001 Europa G instrument cluster
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Posted 9/28/2019 6:33 PM
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Re: Pre-2001 Europa G instrument cluster

For the 1990-1996 models with the 124 cluster housing, it's a simple matter to replace the exterior temp module with a 124 unit that has C or F, depending on what you want (or if your F isn't working). I pull every one I can find on 124 cars and sell them to fellow 124 owners, as they tend to die (due to bad capacitors) after 20+ years of age, or the LCD display goes black.

Another common problem with them is that the reading will be 10 or 20 degrees too high or too low, which indicates a bad capacitor. The C units are difficult to find in the US, but are available from eBay Europe. I am going to start getting them when I go to Europe as there seems to be a market for them here.

I sell the units from 124 cars for $22-25 postpaid. They're well over $800 new, but seemingly still available. Held into the bottom of the cluster by two screws and the 5-pin electrical plug.

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Posted 9/28/2019 9:59 PM

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Re: Pre-2001 Europa G instrument cluster

Here are a couple pics of my original odometer in Germany, the second after federalization with an E320 face, and the third of a 1997 E300 cluster installed in the G

You can see that the scale of the speedometer after federalization is way off.

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